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Before You Come

Please Complete the Checklist


  • For families and groups under 20 people, reservations are not required.
  • If you are more than 20 participants, please contact us at reservation@o-volt.ca


Trampoline Socks

  • Don’t forget to bring your anti-slip socks to jump on the trampolines! If you don’t have a pair, they are available at the front desk for $2. We also allow people to jump bare feet.
  • No regular socks allowed on the trampolines.


Clean Indoor Shoes

  • If you plan on using our climbing section, don’t forget to bring a clean pair of running shoes or climbing shoes!
  • We highly recommend wearing climbing shoes. For those wanting to step up their game, we offer climbing shoe rentals for $5


Sign the Waiver

  • To speed up the process at the front desk, please fill out your waiver online prior to arrival! Youth under the age of 18 must be filed under the waiver of a parent or legal guardian. Click here to fill out the liability waiver.


Bring Your Snacks

  • We DO allow snacks and drinks to be brought in. Please enjoy them in designated areas only. 
  • NO food or drinks allowed in trampoline, agility, games, or climbing areas
  • We also have snacks available for purchase in our café


Check the Schedule Online

  • Before coming, make sure you check the schedule here!
  • Little jumpers (children under the age of 6) have designated times where they can jump safely. If your child wishes to jump on the trampolines, please make sure to bring them in the Little Jumpers time slots. (Our SoftPlay section is open to children ages 12 and under all day)
  • We often host large groups, if you would like to avoid these times, please check the schedule


Bring Your Active Wear

  • Make sure you bring the proper clothing for physical activity and that all clothing is secured tightly to your body
  • Please bring a hair tie to partake in the activities


Make Sure You Watch the Safety Videos