Our activities

High flying fun! O-Volt gets everyone, children and adults alike, moving in an electrifying environment.

Use the airbag for a confident landing. The perfect place to have a laugh while doing funny jumps or to impress friends with amazing stunts.

Bring friends and make teams to play dodgeball or aim at targets. Plus, have fun throwing, dodging and catching balls.

Climb on over 5,000 square feet of 16 foot high walls! New boulder problems of all difficulties are added every week. Something to satisfy beginners and seasoned climbers alike.

Grab your foam batons, get on the beam and don’t fall! Have fun knocking your opponent down and be careful not to fall into the pit. You can also have a tournament with friends or family!

Children can enjoy four floors of the most exciting adventures. They will be able to climb, crawl, slide, dodge and overcome the various obstacles. Plenty enough to satisfy the little ones ages 12 and under

Our course challenges ninja warriors of all ages, with multiple obstacles of speed, agility and strength. This sporting discipline is a mixture of techniques of parkour, gymnastics and martial arts.

Choose a tumbling lane to perform your tricks or use obstacles to propel yourself even higher. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned gymnast, you will have endless fun on these trampolines.

More experienced jumpers can take advantage of our high-performance trampolines. In addition, the walls allow you to perform tricks or jump from different levels to vary the challenges.

If your child is full of ideas, this play area is for them. He can build his own structure using giant foam blocks! For example, they could make the tallest tower or a fortified castle.

Based on climbing, this game uses augmented reality, leading participants to surpass themselves in demanding physical activity while maintaining motivation. The wall offers many different challenges!

Try this interactive trampoline game, which lets you control an onscreen avatar! There are many different modes that offer a variety of challenges.

Several spaces have been added to rest after intense physical activity. These areas allow parents and accompanying adults to supervise the children in a comfortable space.


Reservations for general admission is not required.


Reservations for general admission is not required.