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This website is owned and operated by O-Volt including O-Volt Group inc, Franchise O-Volt inc and its franchisees (hereinafter “we” or “O-Volt” or “operator”). The terms and conditions described herein govern not only the use of (i) the O-Volt websites (https://o-volt.ca/ and https://escalade.o-volt.ca/), but also the use of (ii) the transactional websites (https://ecom.o-possum.com/ovoltsherbrooke/, https://ecom.o-possum.com/ovoltblainville/ , https://ecom.o-possum.com/ovolttr/ .).

The present document entitled Terms of Use is a contractual agreement that binds all users of one of the above-mentioned sites (hereinafter “you”) and the O-Volt team. This agreement establishes the rights and obligations of the operator and users.

By simply consulting one of the websites, the user implicitly agrees to be bound by the conditions set out herein. When a user consents, on behalf of a company or other legal entity, to use the website, the user certifies that he or she has the authority to bind such entity, in which case the term user shall refer to such entity. If you do not have such authority, or if you do not agree with these terms, it is your responsibility not to access the website.

Intellectual property rights

The operator of the websites is the owner of the content contained therein. Content includes text, visual elements (illustrations, photos and videos), downloadable content and the source code used to design the site.

Authorized use of the website

Users of one of the websites may consult the site for information purposes, to make a reservation or to make an online purchase. The user must always visit the website for legitimate purposes.

Under no circumstances may the user:

  • Use the content of a website for commercial purposes;
  • Copy, reproduce, publish, modify or communicate the content of a website;
  • Perform any illegitimate maneuver on the website.

Customer account

When a user creates a customer account using one of the transactional websites, it is the user’s responsibility to maintain the security of his or her access to the account and all activities carried out therein. The operator, for its part, undertakes to respect its Privacy Policy (https://o-volt.ca/en/privacy-policy/) to ensure the protection of the information contained in the account.

The operator reserves the right to delete a customer account if it becomes aware that a user has created a customer account with false information.

It is the user’s responsibility to inform the operator immediately if he or she detects any unauthorized use of his or her account or any other suspicious activity. The operator is not liable for damages resulting from acts or omissions that are the user’s responsibility. The operator may suspend, deactivate or delete your account (or any part of it) if it considers that a user is not complying with the conditions set out herein or that the conduct or content provided by the user would tend to damage O-Volt’s reputation. If a user’s account is deleted for one of the above-mentioned reasons, the user in question will not be able to re-register for services offered by O-Volt. The operator may block the user’s e-mail address and prevent the user from making any transactions on any of the websites.

Online payments

All users must pay all fees or charges on their account in accordance with the fees, charges and billing conditions in effect at the time the fees or charges are due and payable. The exchange of sensitive and private payment-related data takes place via a secure SSL communication channel and is encrypted and protected by digital signatures. The websites also comply with PCI vulnerability standards to create an environment as secure as possible for users.

For security reasons, the operator may ask to provide a copy of a valid government-issued photo ID, and possibly a copy of a recent bank statement for the credit or debit card used for purchase to ensure transaction security.

Furthermore, the operator reserves the right to modify products and product prices at any time. It also reserves the right to refuse any order. It may also, at its sole discretion, limit or cancel the number of products per person, per family or per order. Such restrictions may include orders placed by or under the same customer account, the same credit card and/or orders using the same billing and/or shipping address. If orders are modified or cancelled, the user will be notified by e-mail or at the telephone number provided at the time of ordering.

Limited liability of the operator

The operator is in no way liable for damages of any kind arising from the use of any of the websites. The operator is also not liable for any inconvenience caused by incorrect information on these sites. It is possible that information on one of the websites may contain typographical errors, inaccuracies or omissions. The operator reserves the right to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions. It also reserves the right to modify or update information and to cancel orders if information presented on any of the websites is inaccurate at any time and without notice.

Applicable law

The Term of Use shall be governed by the laws and regulations of Quebec. In the event of a dispute concerning the use of the website.

Changes without notice

The Terms of Use may be modified at any time without notice. The most recent version is always the version applicable and comes into effect on the date of the update indicated at the bottom of the page. Older versions are not binding on the operator. Continued use of any of the websites after the effective date of the revised Terms of Use shall constitute the user’s consent to such modifications.


This document was last updated on October 2nd, 2023

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