The safety of our clients is our absolute priority!

For a complete list of the rules of our center, click here.

Our safety instructions

Note that any breach of safety instructions could result in immediate expulsion without compensation. We invite all users to read them. Parents, monitors or legal guardians are responsible for explaining the instructions to the children in their care as well as supervising them.

Please note that surveillance cameras are installed throughout our centers.

Attitude and behavior

Every customer should have a respectful attitude towards everyone present.

All customers must respect the equipment within our centers. No voluntary degradation will be tolerated.

Our waiver

Please sign the acceptation of risks.

All customers 18 years of age and over should read this document. They must complete it prior to visiting the reception desk. They must also complete it for any person under the age of 18 for whom they are responsible as a parent, guardian or legal guardian.

  • Pseudonyms are prohibited;
  • Signing on behalf of another person is fraudulent.

Rules of procedure

  • Parental supervision for children 12 and under is mandatory.
  • Respect your own physical limits and take a break when fatigued.
  • If you have a specific condition, it is recommended that you consult your doctor before participating in the activities offered (ex: pregnancy, musculoskeletal problem, heart problem, etc.).
  • Be alert and vigilant. Monitor what is going on around you to avoid collisions.
  • It is forbidden to use the facilities while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Adequate clothing that minimizes the risk of snagging or strangulation is requested (prohibitions: scarf, belt buckles or jewelry).
  • Boots and outdoor shoes must be kept in the locker area.
  • A personal lock is recommended in order to keep your items secure in our lockers.
  • We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Eating or drinking is not permitted in the activity areas.
  • It is forbidden to jump with objects in the pockets (ex: keys) or the mouth (ex: gum, candy).
  • The use of a GoPro or similar cameras is forbidden.
  • It is forbidden to use personal sports equipment (ex: balls, frisbees).
  • It is forbidden to run in the establishment, to push each other or to jump ahead in the lines.
  • It is forbidden to cross the red lines or climb the red mattresses.
  • It is forbidden to throw someone on equipment (ex: airbag).
  • Listen to all O-Volt employee instructions.
  • Smile and have fun!


  • Please check the schedule for children 5 and under who wish to jump on the trampolines.
  • Non-slip socks or bare feet are required to jump on the trampolines. Regular socks are not permitted.
  • Only one person per trampoline.
  • Jump in the middle of the trampolines.
  • Flips are permitted in designated areas only.
  • Please do not sit or rest on the trampolines or safety mats.
  • Clinging or climbing on the angled trampoline safety mats is not permitted.
  • Do not jump head first into the trampolines or airbags.
  • Do not land on your stomach/chest in the airbag.
  • Gainer flips (forward moving back flips) are not allowed.

High Performance Trampolines

  • This area is accessible to people aged 6 and over with the necessary accreditation.
  • Jump inside the red rectangle.
  • Make sure your lane is empty before performing your jumps.

Dodge Ball

  • Keep the balls in the Dodge Ball area.
  • Throw with your hands only (no kicking the dodge balls).
  • Do not throw balls at the head or face of the other players.

Ninja Course

  • The agility courses are recommended for people ages 8 and up.
  • Children ages 7 and under must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Please respect the flow of direction.
  • Only one person per obstacle.
  • Do not sit or lay in the agility course.

Indoor Playground

  • This area is available for children ages 12 and under only (ASTM Regulations).
  • An accompanying guardian is permitted to help children ages 3 and under only.
  • Wait your turn, especially while going down the slides.
  • Slide feet first.
  • Do not climb or run in the slides.
  • Climbing in the safety nets is not permitted.


  • Wait until the air bag is empty before advancing to the beam.
  • Make sure there are only 2 competitors per beam.
  • Do not hit your opponents face or head.
  • Do not throw people into the air bags.

Valo Jump

  • Non-slip socks or bare feet are required. No regular socks allowed.
  • Only one jumper is allowed inside the game area.
  • Jump in the center of the trampolines.
  • Once your turn is over, please allow others to participate.

Valo Climb

  • We recommend wearing socks or indoor shoes to climb on the wall.
  • Once your turn is over, please allow others to participate.

Imagination Zone

  • Please keep the foam structures in the dedicated area.
  • Trowing the foam blocks / structures is not allowed.

Escalade de bloc

  • Le port de souliers d’intérieur ou chaussons d’escalade est obligatoire pour la section escalade, en ce compris la section du mur d’escalade pour enfant.
  • La zone bloc est dédiée aux clients qui possèdent un accès escalade.
  • La zone bloc enfant est dédiée aux enfants qui possèdent une admission générale.
  • A l’escalade, les enfants de 12 ans et moins doivent être supervisés par un parent, un tuteur, ou une personne responsable.
  • En cas de première visite, il est obligatoire de rencontrer l’animateur escalade, pour qu’il informe des consignes de sécurité.
  • Il est impératif de s’assurer que la voie est libre avant de débuter l’escalade.
  • Il est impératif de se déplacer dans le corridor hors des matelas gris et de ne pas circuler sous les grimpeurs.
  • L’espace gym est réservé aux 12 ans et plus.

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