The safety of our clients and our personnel is our top priority. We regularly inspect our installations and our personnel apply and enforce our safety rules at all times.

PLEASE NOTE that by disobeying these safety rules, we reserve the right to expel you from the property without compensation. We invite all users of our recreation centre to carefully read our rules and regulations in our SECURITY section. Parents or legal guardians are also responsible for explaining these rules.

All clients 18+ or legal parents must read and sign the waiver before accessing the activity area. •NO derogation from this rule will be possible •Signing of another person is considered fraud •Failure to follow these rules may result in expulsion and even banishment of our centre.

For your security and for those around you, we please ask to respect the following rules:

To prevent injury, falls, loss of control, paralysis, and even death…
please respect them

  • No running in the establishment
  • Climb only in designated areas (no climbing in the slides)
  • Wear adequate clothing; NO scarves, metal belt buckles, loose clothing or jewelry. Nothing that can accidentally get stuck on the installations
  • Have empty hands, pockets, and nothing in your mouth (gum, candy, etc)
  • NO food, drinks or gum in the activity area. Please eat or drink in the designated areas
  • Be alert, if you are tired, please abstain from jumping or climbing. Keep an eye out for others to avoid collisions
  • It is strictly forbidden to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Please be respectful, no pushing, no bullying, wait your turn
  • Please avoid the red mats. Do not pass through these areas
  • ALWAYS listen to the instructions of the O-Volt staff
  • Smile and have fun!

Ages 6 and up

(please check the schedule for children ages 5 and under)

  •   Bare feet or anti-slip socks are required (regular socks are not permitted)
  • Jump in the centre of the trampolines
  • Jump with your feet together and your knees bent
  • Take breaks when you are tired
  • Understand your own physical limitations
  • Do not touch the red mat areas around the airbag
  • Flips are allowed in designated areas only
  • Do not sit or lay on the trampolines and mats
  • Always jump with two feet at the same time
  • No mobile devices or cameras allowed while jumping
  • Do not climb or hang off of the protective mats
  • No gainers (backflip with forward motion)
  • No jumping if you are pregnant or have any physical limitations such as broken bones and other injuries

Ages 6 and up

(please check the schedule for children ages 5 and under)

  • The same rules for the trampolines apply in the dodgeball area
  • Please keep the balls in the dodgeball area
  • Throw the balls with your hands, no kicking the balls
  • Avoid throwing the balls at your opponents face or head

Ages 6 and up

  • The same rules for the trampolines apply in the High Performance area
  • You must be accredited to jump on the high performance trampolines
  • One person per trampoline
  • Do not hang off of the protective walls

Ages 8 and up recommended

  • Children ages 7 and under must be accompanied by an adult
  • One person per obstacle
  • Respect your physical limitations
  • Do not lay or sit on the safety mats
  • Do not leave any objects on the safety mats

Ages 12 and under

  • Ages 3 and under: parent or guardian required
  • Ages 4 and up: parent and guardian prohibited
  • Parents are required to supervise their children at all times
  • Be sure the slide is clear before proceeding
  • Wait your turn
  • No climbing or hanging on the safety netting
  • Slide down feet first

Ages 6 and up

(for gym area: ages 13 and up)

  • Climbing shoes or indoor running shoes required. NO bare feet or socks
  • No running
  • No sitting or laying on the safety mats
  • No walking under other climbers
  • Keep a distance of 3m in between climbers
  • No chalk bags or other objects on the safety mats
  • Respect your physical limitations
  • Climb down if possible
  • Be sure your problem (lane) is clear before starting
  • Replace the brushes after use
  • No drinks or food (water only)