Agility Games

Have fun for hours in a safe environment!

Agility Games

O-Volt offers several activities that allow you to move, play and use your imagination in a family-friendly and dynamic environment! There is something for everyone, whether for children, adolescents or adults.
Obstacles du parcours Ninja

The Activities


Sherbrooke | Blainville | Trois-Rivières

Armed with a foam staff, challenge a friend in Gladiator space. Young and old will be able to face each other duels. In addition, this activity allows you to practice your balance in a fun and safe way. The last one standing on the beam wins!


Sherbrooke | Blainville | Trois-Rivières

Do the kids have energy to spare? Take them to climb the obstacles of our four-story playground. They can venture into the different sections in order to climb, crawl and maneuver through obstacles to move forward on the course. Once they reach the top, they can take the slides down to the main level. This area is only available for children 12 and under, where they can develop their motor skills in a safe environment!

Ninja Course

Sherbrooke | Blainville | Trois Rivières

Constantly watching Ninja Warrior videos or parkour videos? Do you have gymnastic, parkour or martial arts skills? If so, this activity is for you! Through the course filled with obstacles, participants improve their athletic skills, such as speed, agility and strength.

This activity is ideal for youth ages 8 and older and adults.

Does your child wish to excel in our Ninja course? They can practice with us during lessons!



This activity allows the participant to play the hero by destroying asteroids, hunting bats and more! On this interactive climbing wall, table tennis and problem solving are also available. Thus, augmented reality makes climbing more fun. This will increase your motivation to be physically active!

Imagination Zone

Sherbrooke | Blainville | Trois Rivières

Children put their ideas of grandeur to work with our giant foam blocks! They’ll have fun building structures of all kinds. This is a great space to cool off and take a break between intense activities.

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