The Trampolines

High flying fun for all!

The Trampolines

O-Volt offers several types of trampoline to allow everyone to have fun and practice their tricks. There’s something for everyone!

The Activities

Air Bag

Sherbrooke | Blainville | Trois Rivières

The airbag stunt zone is the perfect space to practice jumps and trampoline figures. A giant inflatable cushion allows a safe reception of the acrobatics performed, such as somersaults or twists. It is ideal for working on gymnastics skills or simply learning to master new movements. You can also practice freestyle ski jumps there in all seasons!

Did you know?
O-Volt favors airbags because they are safer and more sanitary than foam pits.

Free Jump

Sherbrooke | Blainville | Trois Rivières

This area entirely covered with trampolines allows several possibilities! Practice your gymnastic figures there thanks to the long tumbling alleys and your acrobatics on the inclined canvases. You can also have fun jumping over obstacles.

High Performance

Sherbrooke | Blainville | Trois Rivières

Requiring accreditation, these Olympic-caliber trampolines allow you to perform high performance tricks. Walls surround these three trampolines and can also be used for wall trampoline or parkour style movements.

Do you want to progress in this aerial sport? Visit the courses section to see upcoming sessions!

Trampoline Games

Dodge Ball

Sherbrooke | Blainville | Trois Rivières

This area is specially dedicated to trampoline dodge ball. You can form teams and play against each other in a dodge ball match. Double the fun while avoiding the foam balls while jumping on the trampolines. May the best team win!



This interactive trampoline game elevates your trampoline experience like never before! Discover a new universe, collect trophies while imitating movements. Control your virtual avatar on screen while jumping on the trampoline! Different difficulties and levels are available to maximize fun!

Trampolines for all ages and skill levels

Certain hours are designated for little jumpers so they can enjoy a safe environment. In addition, some trampolines are designed for performing somersaults. High performance trampolines are available for advanced jumpers after verifying their skills.

Some trampoline jumping tips

There are several different types of jumps to perform on trampolines. Certain jumps are adapted for beginners, while other, more complex jumps are dialed towards advanced/seasoned athletes. The important thing is to go at your own pace, all while having fun and staying safe! Plus, if you’re having trouble, you can ask an instructor for help or take a course!

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