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The O-Volt Recreation Center’s mission is to get everyone moving with challenges for everyone, young and old. Our company feels the success of our mission relies on our ability to meet the expectations of a variety of families and ensures that all athletes can enjoy a safe and fun environment.
Safety is a priority at O-Volt, the meticulously chosen equipment and a unique operating model offer our Little Jumpers a clean, safe environment as well as activities adapted to our young explorers.

The O-Volt reality

From when the company opened its doors in February 2018, the importance of fostering a safe environment for the little ones on the trampolines became a necessity. All sports involve certain risks. As you can imagine, the trampoline is no exception. For children aged 5 and under, these risks are multiplied when they come to jump in a trampoline center that does not consider the dangers specific to their age groups. The goal is to leave the center in better health and uninjured!

It is for this reason that O-Volt has established time slots for Little Jumpers and reserves sections just for them during the busiest periods. For the Little Jumpers, the many safety instructions, the lack of spatial perception in a center where everything is fast paced and not always at eye level, requires additional supervision for optimal practice. It’s not necessarily the child jumping that’s most dangerous, it’s can also be the other participants in the center. Any collision can be a serious one.
O-Volt believes that after the age of 6, following kindergarten, the child develops the skills necessary to follow instructions and become aware of his environment.

Unexpected fun

Following a first visit to O-Volt, parents often become aware an all-time favourite for their child which is quite different from the trampolines; the indoor playground! This four-story structure is a delight for little explorers. Plus, it’s the perfect place to develop multiple motor skills as you crawl, climb, and slide through a maze of obstacles.
Adored by all, the structure meets strict safety standards (ASTM F1918-12 standard). This certification can certainly bring parents peace of mind by letting their children explore independently and thus allowing them to gain confidence in a new environment. Also, being indoors, this structure is protected from the weather. Ideal for long frosty spring days or unpredictable rainy days!

And even more

In order to maintain healthy lifestyle habits, promote motor development and prevent injuries, the company offers two levels of lessons for Little Jumpers; Pirouettes (2-3 years old) and Cabrioles (4-5 years old). Approved by many parents (and children!), these classes in small groups allow children to live the O-Volt experience differently. The team at O-Volt offers you many options to enjoy new experiences!

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