Motor Development

O-Volt, a great place to learn and grow!

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Young and old will find attractive and adapted facilities at the O-Volt Recreation Center. In a previous blog post, we introduced you to our Little Jumpers and how we oversee their activities. This time, we are showing you how the facilities and the team at the O-Volt center can contribute to the motor development of your child. Fulfillment and fun are waiting for you!

Motor Development: Muscle strength in O-Volt's facilities.

EXPLORE on all fours

Indoor Playground

The play module is the ideal place to develop the skills necessary for walking. By crawling and maneuvering, your toddler develops the muscles that will allow him to stand up. Inside the structure, your child will be able to hold on to equipment, get up to reach objects and thus develop their balance and muscle tone. If they fall, no worries! The soft surfaces are there to protect them.

Motor Development: The indoor playground is a suitable installation for toddlers.

In addition, the many passages and the four floors of the module promote orientation in space. Your youngster will quickly know the fastest route to the yellow slide! The colors and the movement of the devices in the playground are also stimulating elements for the development of their brain, for their spatial perception and motor development.

For a toddler, the playgrounds at the O-Volt center is synonymous with a great endurance expedition! After two hours of play time, it will certainly be time to take a break!

EXPLORE your balance


During the Little Jumpers periods, trampolines are the perfect facilities for developing balance. This unstable surface is quite a challenge for a child whether sitting or standing depending on their age category. You can also add a ball to hold, throw or roll to increase the difficulty of the movements and promote motor development.

Throw, roll and catch a ball.

Your child isn’t a jumper? That’s normal! And above all, do not give them a bounce that they could not bear! The O-Volt team is strict: one jumper per trampoline! Two participants on the same trampoline drastically increase the risk of fractures. In addition, your toddler does not have the muscle tone to withstand the impulse generated by an adult. The muscles in their neck that support their head and joints aren’t strong enough yet.

Motor Development: Mastering jumping on trampolines.

Jumping with both feet at the same time, moving by jumping forward and becoming aware of your surroundings are important skills to develop for safe trampoline practice. With a little practice, your child will be the champion of jumping and balance!

EXPLORE new sensations


Finally, airbags are favorite places for little ones. The unfamiliar surface will be sure to intrigue them and inspire wonder! For prevention, it is important to let your child explore the surface of himself in a safe context. Throwing your child or accessing the area during heavy traffic is to be avoided. Good coordination will be required to move on this wave of fabric. The crawling toddlers will quickly catch on and be excited for more!

Coordination in the airbag.

EXPLORE with a trainer

Toddler courses

O-Volt Recreation Centers offer many time slots to have fun with your child and encourage them to develop their motor skills. In order to access the trampolines, it is important to come during the Petits Sauteurs timetable. In addition, it is also possible to explore the facilities with a trainer. The parent-child course The Pirouettes (2-3 years old) and The Cabrioles (4-5 years old) are very popular with active families!

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