O-Volt Day Camp

EXPLORE new friendships!

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EXPLORE new friendships!

The summer season is the ideal time to discover the O-Volt universe with friends. Rain or shine, dedicated team members and carefully orchestrated experiences will be sure to create a fun-filled summer. In addition to being a specialized day camp, the O-Volt day camp is framed around captivating weekly themes that will provide your youngster with unforgettable memories. The children will be able to make new friends and work together to solve exciting challenges planned by our animators. Amazement assured, here is an overview of the 2022 O-Volt day camp!

EXPLORE new worlds!

Starting Monday morning, the O-Volt Recreation Center will be transported to an imaginary world! Great courage will be needed to brave the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park or enter the Chamber of Secrets with Harry Potter. Over the next weeks, many discoveries will unfold by combining teamwork with excellent observational skills!

The whole team will have to work together to help protect the city under seige by a villain known to all. The O-Volt center will be transformed into headquarters. Don’t worry, our superheroes will develop all the motor skills necessary to master the situation and bring back harmony and security to the city. Not only the center that will be transformed, but your child will be too! Creating an avatar will allow your child to jump and climb higher during our video game week. Let the party begin!

Perseverance and personal achievement will be highlighted during our Olympic Games week. A championship between friends of trampoline, ninja course and climbing will allow our young athletes to channel their energy towards dazzling personal success. A great sense of pride will be guaranteed by the end of the week! In addition to working on their physical abilities, the sharp mind of a secret agent will be essential when an S.O.S call to action is heard at O-Volt. Who is the evil villain stealing the O-Volt equipment, and why?

With all of these intense adventures, a little lightness and glamor for our young Hollywood stars. Sunglasses, red carpet and spotlights, let our young stars dazzle us so that afterwards we can have fun during our groovy beach party.

EXPLORE your physical abilities!

With all these fun themes, learning trampoline skills, ninja course and climbing (O-Volt Sherbrooke) will be intertwined. Coaches will help your children master the many techniques taught in O-Volt courses. The objetive of these lessons is to help motor development skills depending on the age of the child, in a safe environment that promotes spatial orientation. Many benefits for healthy growth and an active life!


The majority of the O-Volt day camp takes place inside our facilities. Although, we will take a few sun-breaks outside during the week for a Hollywood picnic under the palm trees! The day camp is offered by the week or by the day. There are still a few places left to come and enjoy the summer at O-Volt. Ready, set, go!

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